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If a file exists, there is torrent of it. If not, it will be burned

SubmitEnter the location of any file in the above form to get its torrent. We support only HTTP protocol currently as major BitTorrent clients support it.
EmbedUse our download buttons to display live details of the torrent equivalent to your file. It auto submits a file (if not burned) for burning when page is first loaded.
BurnYour file is then burned into a torrent. You can watch the burning process live on torrent page or from your control panel. Burning usually takes only a few seconds.
.TorrentAs soon as we complete, you can download the torrent of your file powered by the original location of the file, mirrors and your peers.

Torrents currently being burned...

Register with us to take full advantage of all our features. Members can monitor and customize their torrents, get notified of their burning status and can even post comments.
Download buttons allow you to automatically give a torrent file link to any file you have on your website.
The button shows live details of your torrent giving quick feedback to your users.
  • P2P + Client-Server When you burn a file, you are making a .torrent equivalent of the file that's powered by both the server(s) hosting the file (HTTP Web seed) as well as all the regular peers that are downloading it using Bittorrent. We combine both worlds to make your downloads lightning fast.
  • We make servers happy By burning the files on your server to torrents, you reduce the load on your servers substantially since the users downloading your file through the torrent are downloading the file from both their peers and your server. We manage the torrent files leaving your server free to do more important things.
  • More reliable Every torrent is powered by the peers downloading the file as well as several servers hosting the file (we auto-identify mirrors). This increases the availability and the redundancy of your file as torrent is powered by multiple fast mirror servers and regular users.
  • More ways to torrent You can include a script on your site for download button and pass the file url to it. We will automatically load buttons (or populate your buttons) with complete live statistics of the torrent for that file.